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Parris Mitchell is a New York singer-songwriter crafting catchy pop music with a passion for his vocals. Parris found his love for writing music by doing musical theatre growing up and touring with his former band. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the ongoing pandemic put a halt on touring which gave Parris the opportunity to delve into a solo career. 


During his lockdown, Parris focused solely on his writing, discovering his passion for pop, and working on graphic design - meaning doing his EP covers, ads, and videos all on his own. Drawing from influences such as Charlie Puth and LANY with an indie R&B flare, Parris has been steadily stacking up pop hits and gaining a reputation as a '2022 artist to watch.'

After releasing his first single, "specifically u," in December of 2020, the EP had over 200k streams on Spotify within a year, leading to Parris getting signed by his first record label, Ninetone. Singles off the EP were praised as “a solid indie-pop anthem” and “a must-have for any of your breakup playlists."


Parris resonates with an honest and self-reflecting approach to pop music with music that dives into themes of loneliness, confidence, and everything in between.

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